Hana Gabrielová


About me

Hana has been in the cannabis industry for over twenty years. After studying at an agricultural university and a decade-long career with an environmental NGO, she founded Hempoint in 2010. She understood that hemp was the perfect tool to help change the world for the better and solve the current climate problems, and more. Hemp has also become part of her everyday life. Her cannabis travels took her to different parts of the world where she researched its uses and history. In 2020, she has focused on entrepreneurship from a bioeconomy perspective and is helping to develop the Czech hemp industry as part of her chairmanship for the CzecHemp cluster.


The meaning of what we do is important to us. Hana became a hemp activist long before she founded Hempoint. In 2002, she co-organised the Million Marijuana March demonstration in the Czech Republic, in 2005 she became a member of the European Coalition for a Fair and Effective Drug Policy (ENCOD) and started lobbying for the UN Commission on Drugs together with Kenzi Zemouli and the FAAAT team, which organised the ICPC conference in 2018 and succeeded in pushing for a reclassification of cannabis at the UN level.


In 2010-2012 she was involved in the organization of the first Czech Cannafest, and in 2013 she supported the establishment of the patient organization KOPAC. In 2018, she became the President of the Czech Hemp Cluster CzecHemp and with her team successfully lobbied for an increase in the limit of THC content in cultivated cannabis to 1% in 2021, making the Czech Republic the first EU country to implement this legislation. Even this small increase in the limit gives farmers the confidence to grow hemp on a large scale and move the industry forward.