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Our story

Hempoint has been in business since 2010, when it became a supplier of a wide range of cannabis products. In 2011 we started growing hemp on the Sasov Biofarm in the Highlands, using the waste heat from their biogas production to dry our hemp flowers. We focused on high quality hemp flower for the production of tea blends, extracts and sustainable production, which we continued to do until 2020.

In 2011, we imported our first certified hemp seeds from abroad for our own cultivation and a year later we started supplying hemp seeds to other farmers.

Today we focus on supplying high quality hemp materials from all parts of the plant, including organic food, feed mixes, materials used in construction and paper production. For those interested in processing their own hemp production, we offer harvesting and processing machines together with our partners.

2010 Opening of a shop in České Budějovice
2011 First year of hemp cultivation with Biofarma Sasov
2012 Distribution of seeds of European hemp varieties
2013 Launch of a food line of hemp products
2014 Contract for hemp cultivation for international clients
2015 Expansion of cultivation over 100 ha
2016 Presentation of Hempoint at the NOCO exhibition in the USA
2017 First export of hemp seeds to the USA
2018 Co-organisation of networking events with Hemptoday
2019 Wholesale distribution of food products
2021 Membership of global organisations EIHA and GHA
2022 Establishment of KonopiUS
2023 Exclusive distribution partnership with Ukrainian Hemp and PAPACKS Group


Hana Gabrielová

Hana has been in the cannabis industry for over twenty years. After studying at an agricultural university and a decade-long career with an environmental NGO, she founded Hempoint in 2010. She understood that hemp was the perfect tool to help change the world for the better and solve the current climate problems, and more. Hemp has also become part of her everyday life. Her cannabis travels took her to different parts of the world where she researched its uses and history. In 2020, she has focused on entrepreneurship from a bioeconomy perspective and is helping to develop the Czech hemp industry as part of her chairmanship for the CzecHemp cluster.

How do we work?

We want our customers to succeed, so we willingly share our years of knowledge to find the right solution for your needs.

We will answer all your questions about your cannabis business and make sure you don’t miss any important step in the value chain.

We work with experts from all over the world, and if we don’t know the answer ourselves, we know where to ask and who to connect you with.

With our services and experience, you can become a stronger player in this new industry where competition is growing stronger every day.

Our partners

Exclusive distributor of hemp seeds for the USA

Exclusive distributor of hemp products and technology for the European market

Expert advice for LCA and hemp value chains

Organic food and feed supply

Financial partner for sustainable development