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Are you interested in cannabis and don’t know what to do? Get in touch and we’ll help you turn your cannabis ideas into reality. Are you dealing with product development or employee training, looking for business partners or suppliers of hemp seeds? We offer you comprehensive advice including the selection of suitable seeds or the purchase of hemp seeds and products. Over the 20 years we have been in business, we have gained a wealth of experience and built a network of collaborators from various hemp companies and experts from around the world.

Topics we deal with:

We provide comprehensive advice on cannabis, especially on the following topics

  • Cannabis agronomy, yields and cultivation costs
  • Farmer coaching
  • Available technologies for hemp harvesting
  • Technology for processing hemp stems and seeds
  • Defining quality requirements for hemp materials for processing and production
  • Consultation on the effectiveness of the work in the different phases of the project
  • Providing EU certified seed and helping farmers choose the right variety
  • Standards and quality requirements for the production of hemp products for various industries
  • Legislation, regulation and lobbying

Development and research:

  • Future Farming Hanka is great to work with because she has extensive knowledge and contacts and is able to move projects forward efficiently.
  • BafaI had an exceptional experience with Hempoint and Hana Gabriel. Since I started working with them, her team has demonstrated professionalism, efficiency and expertise. The level of communication throughout the process was excellent. They kept me informed every step of the way and responded immediately to any questions or concerns I had. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high quality product was truly impressive. Hempoint not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. Their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident in every interaction and they consistently went the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction. Particularly in the difficult and complicated cannabis industry, having a reliable and competent contact person is priceless - we have worked successfully together for many years and can always rely 100% on their promises and information. I highly recommend Hempoint to anyone who needs their services. Their professionalism, expertise and commitment to excellence make them the best choice in the industry. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will continue to recommend them to others.

Education in the field of technical cannabis

You can book a training session for your farmers or processors during which we will introduce hemp as a tool for sustainable solutions.

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Consultation on technical cannabis


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and seeds

We grow organic certified hemp varieties with our partners. We distribute registered seeds directly from breeders.

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We offer a wide range of unique hemp products, herbal teas, sweets, including basic hemp foods.

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and development

Thanks to our contacts abroad, we actively follow new research in agriculture, processing and production. We monitor markets and legislation.

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We raise awareness about cannabis and influence legislative developments. We lobby, educate and connect people in the cannabis revolution.

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