Global knowledge, hands-on experience

Hempoint CEO Hana Gabrielova and Rafael Dulon

Topics we provide:

  • Hemp agronomy, yields and cost in cultivation
  • Farming coaching
  • Harvesting technology for hemp
  • Processing technologies for hemp stem and seeds
  • Defining quality requirements for hemp materials for manufacturing and production
  • Consultation for efficiency and data points in the project phases
  • Providing EU certified hemp varieties and help with right choice for farmers needs
  • Standards and demands for quality of hemp products in different industries
  • Legislation, regulations and lobbying

We offer consulting from the farm to the factory, from product development to branding, and from wholesale down to the retail marketplace. Through nearly 20 years in the industry, we’ve gained valuable experience and built out a network of leading hemp companies from around the world who inform our strategies in support of our consulting clients.

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