Hempoint, s.r.o.
Hruškové Dvory 116 – Areál Gold Crystal
586 01 Jihlava

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DIČ/VAT: CZ24735001

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Komerční banka a.s., Na Příkopě 33, 114 07 Praha 1

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Hana Gabrielová

Linkedin profile

Hana founded Hempoint in 2010, before being a professional Hemp Advocate she managed for NGOs on nuclear issues and renewable energy sources. She has led advocacy and policy initiatives both in the EU and international cannabis policy. Hana uses Hempoint as a vehicle for her policy work with various non-profit organisations including FAAAT, who launched in the UN the book Cannabis and Sustainable development. Since 2018 she is president of the CzecHemp cluster organisation which lobbies for better regulation for the hemp industry in Czech republic. With ASTM she is working towards establishment of standards for the hemp industry which will allow hemp to become more mainstream. She believes that hemp can empower the transition to bioeconomy and become an important sustainable source for our future development.

Robin Destiche

Operation Manager

Robin joined Hempoint in 2020 after several years of world travel and hemp research. His current  projects include: planting seed education and sales, decortication and product development, partnerships for seed multiplication, and leads the Tea Infusion division. Prior to hemp, Robin was working with executive leadership within the hospitality industry in the USA: strategic planning, team building, finance, project management, employee development, to name a few. Robin believes in open and honest communication as the building blocks of successful relationships. He brings this same approach to handling commerce as a partner in international trade and distribution.

Radka Svobodová

Garden & Field Manager, Production & Expedition

Radka’s sense of adventure brought her skills to the hemp game and the Hempoint team in 2020. And her background is as versatile as the uses of the hemp plant; she is a mom, skydiver, pilot, horse trainer, ski instructor, teacher, builder and farmer. She finds her passion in pursuing many projects at the same time which fits wonderfully with Hempoint’s pursuit of being a multi-disciplinary international business. Radka handles the daily operations for Hempoint keeping the supply chains moving. After the work day is over for hemp, she goes home to the farm where her second work day as a farmer begins.

Production & Expedition

Daniel Dostál

webmanagement administration

Tomáš Dvořák

photo production


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