Farming and seeds

We grow organic certified hemp varieties with our partners. We distribute registered seeds directly from breeders.

Comprehensive consulting

We provide comprehensive advice from seed, processing and production through developing your brand to wholesale and retail.

Our products

We offer a wide range of unique hemp products, herbal teas, sweets, including basic hemp foods.

Research and development

Thanks to our contacts abroad, we actively follow new research in agriculture, processing and production. We monitor markets and legislation.

Project support

We raise awareness about cannabis and influence legislative developments. We lobby, educate and connect people in the cannabis revolution.

Who is behind HemPoint

Get to know our story

Sometimes one book changes everything. That’s what happened in 1996, when I finished reading the work on cannabis by legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer. His book The Cannabis Conspiracy, or The Emperor Has No Clothes, inspired by Alex Andersen’s book, opened the door to the rich history of cannabis for me. It reminded us of the cannabis tradition from a time when it fed us, kept us healthy, built our homes and clothed us. It became our mission to put the vast potential of cannabis into practice.

Hanka Gabrielová

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Hempoint offers a wide range of unique products

EU certified seeds

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We have a vision and goals that we can work on together

Know our values

Mission - Connecting the value chain in the cannabis industry

To supply agricultural seed from reliable sources and apply our 25 years of experience in supporting the cultivation and production of hemp products. Hempoint supplies manufacturers and retail consumers with high quality hemp-based materials from verified suppliers.

Vision - Hope in Cannabis

Our goal is to create a hemp supply chain that supports local economies and uses all parts of the hemp plant on a daily basis, making our lives more sustainable and keeping our children hopeful for the future.

Values: honest communication

At Hempoint, we believe in building long-term relationships based on honest communication and trust. The cannabis industry is very small globally and in order to cultivate it, we need to work together towards a common goal of educating and spreading the word about the uses of this amazing plant.

Certified varieties
Research institutions
Supported projects
Quality products
Take a look at the projects we are happy to support

Hempoint is supporting

Global hemp networking platform

Sustainability as a business opportunity

Regenerative agriculture and carbon neutrality

Use of hemp for climate resilience

We provide comprehensive services to the cannabis industry

Do you have a vision and don't know what to do?

Are you interested in cannabis and don’t know what to do? We offer you comprehensive advice, including the selection of suitable seeds or the purchase of hemp seeds and products. Over the 20 years we have been in business, we have gained a wealth of experience and built a network of associates from various hemp companies and experts from around the world.

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Standard 1-3 working days

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We guarantee maximum product quality

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