Research and development

We have years of experience in the health and food industry

We are pioneers in the field of cannabis

We have years of experience in the health and food industry. Through our extensive network of associates, we stay in touch with new practices in agriculture, processing and the production of finished products. We develop new regulations for the ever-growing cannabis market and comment on old, dysfunctional ones.

We cooperate with leading research institutions

We are pioneers in the development of new and unique products and technologies. We collaborate with leading university research institutions, including offers a comprehensive selection of cannabis services

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and seeds

We grow registered cannabis varieties in organic certified fields with our partners. We distribute registered seeds directly from breeders.

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We offer a wide range of unique hemp products, herbal teas, chocolates and other sweets, including basic hemp foods.

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We provide comprehensive advice from seed, processing and production through developing your brand to wholesale and retail.

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We raise awareness about cannabis and influence legislative developments. We lobby, educate and connect people in the cannabis revolution.

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