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People have been consuming hemp food for thousands of years.

Hemp foods

People have been consuming hemp food for thousands of years. There is evidence that cannabis has been a common part of the diet since BC. By adding a small amount of hemp food to our daily diet, we are not only doing something for our health, but also contributing to the demand for hemp production as a source of local plant material with wide-ranging uses.

Our company has become a supplier of organic hemp food produced in Europe because we believe that organic farming respects nature and does not pollute the soil with chemicals. As suppliers of locally sourced organic products, we not only guarantee our clients high quality food, but also promote sustainable farming practices and contribute to the protection of biodiversity

Why are hemp foods healthy?

Sown hemp has been used as a food in prehistoric times and has been known in some countries (such as China) for at least 3000 years. It has been used not only as a food but also as a relatively versatile natural medicine. Current scientific studies confirm many of the medicinal effects of cannabis, which are based, among other things, on the effects of the essential fatty acids and their metabolites.

Why buy from us?

  1. We purchase hemp products from our proven suppliers and in stable quality
  2. We prove the quality of our products with certifications
  3. All the products we offer are of European origin and of organic quality

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Our offer

  • Organic hemp seeds
    Organic peeled hemp seeds
    Organic hemp seed oil
    Organic hemp seed oil from shelled hemp seeds
    Organic hemp protein 50%
    Organic hemp protein 65%
    Organic hemp flour
    Organic hemp meal