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We support cannabis projects

We are involved in international and national drug policy discussions and lobbying. We run educational events and are happy to connect those interested in the use of cannabis materials. At the Sasov Biofarm, where we operate, we conduct informative tours during which you can see the growth of hemp in the fields and the combination of its cultivation with the operation of the farm.

SHIV - Nepal

We are collaborating on an exchange programme with Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures (SHIV) in Nepal, a Kathmandu-based business that is strengthening the local economy by processing and utilising hemp. SHIV is using hemp masonry to rebuild houses in Nepal after the devastating earthquake in 2014, training locals in hemp processing and participating in the development of textile products and food.


Hemp the Climate is a pioneering non-profit organization and think tank that provides strategic analysis and education to industry stakeholders and works with government, multilateral and non-profit organizations to accelerate the use of hemp for climate resilience.

ENCOD / FAAAT - International

Our close collaborators – multinational NGOs and think tanks – are working to strengthen social movements and the non-profit sector. They address ethical, political, economic and social issues related to drug policy and addiction. The group advocates for transparent and measurable policies that lead to personal and community empowerment, social justice and health.

In 2018, Hempoint co-hosted the International Cannabis Policy Conference in Vienna with FAAAT.


HempToday® is operated under the auspices of the Poland-based Nakło Foundation, which globally supports environmental conservation, entrepreneurship and thought leadership; and historic preservation, economic development, cultural and other community-building activities at the local level. In both cases, cannabis is a big part of what we do.

KOPAC - Czech Republic

Czech Association of Cannabis Treatment Patients. The organisation works on a wide range of educational and scientific activities that ensure the rights of cannabis users and supports socially disadvantaged patients in their efforts to provide them with the treatment they need.

Global Hemp Association

The global industry needs unity and the members of the Global Hemp Association come from all corners of the planet. A planet that needs our help to mitigate climate change, including with the help of hemp. Through GHA, the hemp networking group, members gain access to top-level funding and research, build relationships and collaborate on projects.

Activities of Michael Krawitz and Kenzi Zemouli

We support the activities of Michael Krawitz and Kenzi Zemouli, who have been taking steps for years to end cannabis prohibition internationally.

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We grow registered cannabis varieties in organic certified fields with our partners. We distribute registered seeds directly from breeders.

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We offer a wide range of unique hemp products, herbal teas, chocolates and other sweets, including basic hemp foods.

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We provide comprehensive advice from seed, processing and production through developing your brand to wholesale and retail.

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Thanks to our contacts abroad, we actively follow new research in agriculture, processing and production. We monitor markets and legislation.

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