Our tip: Pre-order and save €200 off for the HempToday CBD Intelligence Bundle

Pre-order before Friday, Sept. 6, 2019 and save €200 off the regular price of €699 for the HempToday CBD Intelligence Bundle, a comprehensive overview of the CBD sector worldwide. The bundle will be released beginning Monday, Sept. 9, 2019.

A special report from:

Pre-order before Sept. 6 to save €200

Pre-order before Friday, Sept. 6, 2019 and save €200 off the regular price of €699 for the HempToday CBD Intelligence Bundle, a comprehensive overview of the CBD sector worldwide. The bundle will be released beginning Monday, Sept. 9, 2019.

Based on intelligence crowdsourced from HempToday’s The Future of Medical Hemp Summit held in late August 2019, the HempToday CBD Intelligence Bundle gives an overview of the current status of the CBD sector.

Reported by Kehrt Reyher, HempToday and Steven Kompier, Cannabis News Network.

Included in the bundle:

  • Overview Analysis: 1,000-2,000 words: Pricing trends; Innovation forecast; Outlook on global markets
  • A separate special analysis of the USA market
  • All speaker presentation decks* from The Future of Medical Hemp Summit.
  • Bios all Summit participants & speakers
  • List of HempToday-approved CBD vendors in Europe
  • HempToday CBD log: Selection of archived stories from behind the HempToday paywall
  • Video: Key player interviews
  • EIHA paper on CBD & Novel Foods
  • Back issues of HempToday; Noco & EIHA 2019.

Speaker videos and presentation decks

  • International cannabis policy and its effect on the CBD sector; Hana Gabrielova, Hempoint, Czech Republic
  • The Business of Cannabinoids: Pharamceutical, Nutraceutical or CPG; Jacek Kramarz, CannabiGold/HemPoland
  • CBD’s future: Formulas Tailor-Made to Address Specific Maladies; Scott Reese, C-Beyond Health, USA
  • An Evidence-based Approach to Medical Hemp; Steph Scherer, ICCI, USA
  • Key Issues Facing CBD & Hemp Oil in Europe; Joscha Krauss, MH medical hemp, Germany
  • Europe’s struggles: Update on Novel Foods in Europe & Overview on THC Limits; Lorenza Romanese, EIHA, Italy
  • Where Codex Allimentarius Meets Pharmacopoeia; Boris Banas, Cz/Slo, CBDepot, Czech Rep.
  • Disruptive Technologies for Hemp and Cannabis Growing; Boaz Wachtel, Creso Pharma, Israel
  • Traditional Medicinal Uses of Cannabis in the Context of Recent Research Findings; Muhammed A Qayyum, Fytocina SL, Spain & Pakistan
  • The potential for research into full spectrum Phytocannabinoids; Paulius Jaruevicius, Bene Facitis sp.o.o., Poland
  • CBD and Its Effects When Combined with Other Healthy Ingredients. Kenneth Holk, DeHolk AB, Sweden.
  • Industry Overview & Trends; Powering the industry & Powering your company with modern media tools; Kehrt Reyher, HempToday.

Authors of the report:

Steven Kompier Cannabis News Network – Steven, the founder of Cannabis News Network, has 25 years experience as a television journalist and producer in the public and private national broadcasting industries. Having covered cannabis since 2011, Steven is one of the few full time cannabis journalists in the world. He has broadened cannabis news from undercover operations and investigative journalism to the premises of the UN and the EU. Steven is a member of the Dutch Journalism Association (NVJ).

Kehrt Reyher HempToday – A veteran American journalist, Kehrt is founder of HempToday, and co-founder of The Nakło Foundation, which supports environmental protection, entrepreneurship and green industry. He is founder and past President, CEO and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VFP Communications, a B2B media company. A former European Bureau Chief for Smart Grid Today, he previously worked in the USA at The Providence Journal, The Detroit News and USA Today.

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