Hanka Gabrielová from HEMPOINT was a guest of the podcast smellslikebusiness.com

Our CEO Hanka Gabrielová was a guest of the podcast by the smellslikebusiness.com organization. What will you learn from the podcast?

How did Hana’s hemp journey start? What does Hempoint do? Is Europe experiencing a hemp revival? Does the hemp industry need EU standards and guidelines? Why did the EU introduce Novel Food regulations for CBD? Is the hemp industry responsible enough? How should the hemp industry be regulated? What should you do if you want to start growing hemp in Europe? How to choose the right seeds for growing hemp? Is Hemp the answer to the European Green Deal? What is slowing down the hemp industry in Europe? Does the EU free-trade agreement apply to hemp? What countries in Europe are leading the hemp industry? Where does Europe get its hemp seeds from? What is the future of the hemp industry in Europe? What is the Hemp The Climate initiative? How can hemp help us create a better and more sustainable planet?

You can find the podcast at https://www.smellslikebusiness.com/podcast/episode/454416d8/how-should-the-hemp-industry-in-europe-move-forward-hana-gabrielova-from-hempoint
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0kKfuOWNNYfILQnmB6YeVV
Apple podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/how-should-hemp-industry-in-europe-move-forward-hana/id1511209215?i=1000477751657

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