Supporting The European Green Deal

– press release of The Czech Hemp Cluster (CzecHemp) related to the EU sustainable green transition

Czech-based hemp cluster CzecHemp has lauded the so called European Green Deal, an ambitious growth strategy that aims to make the continent carbon neutral by 2050.

European Commission (EC) President Ursula von Leyen presented the plan Dec. 13, 2019; it was adopted by nearly all EU Member States.

“The European strategy adopted this month aims for carbon neutrality despite the current insecure international cooperation to fulfil the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” CzecHemp said in praising the development.

The European plan calls for supporting the bioeconomy, creating a circular economy, investment into R&D of sustainable technologies, preserving biodiversity, transition to green energy, and reducing pollution.

CzecHemp welcomes this step, fully supports the EC strategy, and underscores the role the hemp industry can play in realizing the European Green Deal,” the organization said in a statement.

The cluster comprises private companies, and public sector, research and education institutions which aim to strengthen cooperationamong Czech hemp and medical cannabis stakeholders.

CzecHemp cited hemp’s possibilities to substitute environmentally harmful solutions based on fossil sources that exist in many sectors, referencing specifically hemp’s potential in textiles, construction, food and feed, paper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and bio-plastics.

“Agriculture based on hemp heals contaminated soil thanks to the crop’s advantages such as  low pesticide requirements, its phytoremediation potential as well as a fast-growing root system which enriches the soil structure,” CzecHemp also noted. “CzecHemp hopes that the European policy makers will finally prefer the relevant scientific data to the six decades of the irrational stigmatization of hemp.”

CzecHemp said the New Green Deal plan can lead to the removal of  legislative barriers to hemp within the EU member states while at the same time spurring development of the critically needed infrastructure for hemp production.

“Then and only then can the hemp industry supply chain be renewed and  hemp’s potential be fully exploited,” CzecHemp said.


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