Hemp Harvest: July-Oct’19

Do you want to deepen your knowledge of cannabis, work on fresh air in the “green jungle” and manually harvest our crop? Join our hemp harvest at the Bio Farm Sasov – Brtnická 108, Jihlava.

The harvest starts on July 29th and will run app until October 10th.

The hemp collectors will receive a free 2-hour workshop and training session at the Bio Farm Sasov, including basic information about cannabis, its contents, health benefits and the use of cannabis in various industries and cannabis itself. The resulting product of the harvest is cannabis ​​flower, including leaves.

More information and registration via email office@hempoint.cz, registration form https://forms.gle/s4Ux8mdSdbdednwC8 or via phone +420 608 839 078 (WhatsApp). We’ll get back to you*
Look forward to see you at Sasov!

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