KOLIZO hemp essence lollypops


A sweet delight with a unique hemp flavour.

KOLIZO hemp essence lollypops – 10 pcs

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KOLIZO hemp essence lollypops – 100 pcs

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KOLIZO hemp essence lollypops – 100 ks

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Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, hemp essential oil, dyes: copper complexes of chlorophyllins


A sweet delight with a unique hemp flavour thanks to essential oils, which are produced by steam distillation of fresh hemp flowers. This product does not contain any THC or dangerous additives and it is therefore suitable for both children and adults.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Carbohydrates: 96,1
Fiber: 0,2
Energy value kj/100g: 1651
Energy value kcal/100g: 388
NaCl (Na)g/100g: <0,1