Hemp & Herbs Infusion For Women’s Well Being


Why is it said that woman’s best friend is Lady’s Mantle? And why is it that a yarrow flower added to a wedding bouquet can ensure a lifetime of love? The answer to both of these questions is found in this herbal blend. Lady’s mantle, yarrow, and dead nettle have all been known to provide healing to women since ancient times. They soothe and cleanse the body while helping to alleviate unpleasant sensations during menstruation and menopause. They can also be helpful when experiencing difficulties conceiving. When combined with hemp, these herbs promote faster recovery related to common female ailments.

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Ingredients: Bio dried sorted hemp, ladys mantle, yarrow and dead nettle

handmade vegan no thc no gmo no chemic no animals


Herbs Infusion For Women”s Well Being’

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