Herbal Salt For Slim Body


Salt + hemp + peppercorn = white, green, black, and red.

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Ingredients: Sea salt, hemp, pepper of four colors

handmade vegan no thc no gmo no chemic no animals


Peter Piper’s hack! In the Czech Republic, Peter Piper (or to be exact Godfather Peter) does not pick a peck of pickled peppers, but he is warned not to put too much pepper on your pork. Well, with this herbal salt, over-peppering is not a concern. Plus, the taste of your food is enhanced by salt and a delightful hemp flavor. As a cherry on top: Peter’s wife has been pleasantly surprised to see his belly slowly disappear. Peppercorn is known for its effect on the functioning of stomach fluids. It also accelerates metabolism which is why it helps you keep slim. Use for meat, sauces, or marinated vegetables. Tip: Remove our easy-to-peel-off label and carry on reusing the spice jar.

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Weight 320 g
Dimensions 5,5 × 5,5 × 12 cm
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