Herbal Salt For Good Mind


‘Herbal salt for a peaceful mind and serenity. Don”t assume you know how this salt tastes until you actually taste it!’

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Ingredients: Sea salt, hemp, marjoram, oregano, fenugreek, thyme

handmade vegan no thc no gmo no chemic no animals


If you hear claims of fenugreek working its magic as an aphrodisiac, think of it what you will, but we bring you its flavor as a part of this delicious blend of spices. Hemp, marjoram, oregano, and thyme might also prove themselves quite wondrous, so why not try this blend! It is a combination of traditional herbs known for their beneficial effects on the digestive system. They will help lighten up your meals and delight your mind. We recommend using this salt for preparation of braised meats, goulash, and meat and mushroom soups. You can also add it to beans or other legumes. Tip: Remove our easy-to-peel-off label and carry on reusing the spice jar.

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