Herbal Salt For Good Health


Combination of tastes that will not disappoint!

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Ingredients: Sea salt, hemp, coriander, ginger, chamomile

handmade vegan no thc no gmo no chemic no animals


As the traditional Czech folk song goes, “A fox is dashing toward the city of Tabor, bringing a bag of ginger…” This time though, it is bringing a bag of this herbal blend from Jihlava “…and a hedgehog is hurrying after it…” mainly to taste whatever yummy food the fox will prepare next! Animals have a deep understanding of things and if you wish to follow their advice, go right ahead and give this herbal blend a try! This blend of unique spices is designed to warm up your body and liven up the flavors of your meals adding light, distinct touches of spiciness. Perfect for marinades, grilled vegetables and meats, as well as cereal grains such as millet, or buckwheat. You will quickly discover that this blend can beautifully enrich the taste of your meals! Tip: Remove our easy-to-peel-off label and carry on reusing the spice jar.

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Weight 320 g
Dimensions 5,5 × 5,5 × 12 cm
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