Hempoint Hemp Pencil Case Made in Nepal


Our friends in Nepal sew this gem for us.


Ingredients: 100% hemp canvas hand woven



‘You may be a painter who wants to keep his charcoal or brush close at hand. Maybe you are a student who wants to differentiate his pencil case from the rest of the class. Maybe you are looking for a suitable gift. And maybe you really need this pencil case and yet you have no idea how to fill it. Our friends in Nepal sew this gem for us, it is made at a women”s community in the poorest area of Janakpur, near the temple dedicated to the goddess Sita. And how do they actually do it? They first collect wild-growing cannabis by hand, then weave the fabric by hand and then give it this elegant shape. What purpose you end up giving it is up to you. In the meantime, we will definitely send them the part that belongs to them from your purchase. By buying this product you support SHIV Hempowering Woman project in Nepal. Tip: Put 10 smaller daily necessities in the pencil case. Open the pencil case wide open for 10 seconds and let your friends peek. Close the pencil case again and let your friends write down all the things they saw. The fastest respondent with a flawless complete list wins. Experts can increase the number of things or shorten the time limit. Have fun!’

Additional information

Weight 282 g
Dimensions 20 × 2,5 × 26 cm
Protein: x