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‘Do you own an aroma lamp? If so, you need this oil. Do you have muscle pain, cramps, paraplegia, or phantom limb pains

Essential Hemp Oil – 5 ml
Essential Hemp Oil – 10 ml
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This strongly aromatic oil was extracted from hemp flowers using steam distillation. In this process, aromatic compounds are released by passing steam through freshly harvested hemp flowers in a sealed environment. The steam cools and returns to its liquid state using a condenser. Essential oils can then be separated (given their different density and specific weight) from the watery distillate using a number of separation techniques. This essential oil is mainly used for flavoring food but has also found its place in cosmetics. It not only adds a pleasant scent to products, but if you ask any herbalist, they will tell you about its anti-inflammatory properties. Mix this essential oil with hemp seed oil and use it for a stress-relieving massage with anti-inflammatory effects. It can provide relief when experiencing muscle soreness, cramps, paraplegia, or phantom limb pain. 5 kg of hemp flowers are used to make 1 ml of this oil. 100% hemp extract Our recommendation: Mix a drop of this essential oil with 20 ml of hemp seed oil and treat your body to a relaxing massage!

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