HempToday Voice of the Global Hemp Industries

Hempoint’s go to media partner, HempToday, represents a large network of hemp stakeholders from nations all around the world. Together we share the goal of helping to create a flourishing, vibrant, and well-functioning hemp industry on a global level through education and outreach initiatives. HempToday offers a wide range of information and communications services including PR, marketing, design, and web development specifically for the hemp industry.

Biofarma Sasov

Our farming operations partners are based at Biofarm Sasov, the farm was established in 1991 and originally used as a schoolhouse. The farm has been officially certified organic since 1999. The activity on the farm varies, every year producing around 20 different kinds of crops. The farm also runs a small biogas facility, large vegetable garden, and a breeding operation for pigs and cattle.

Nano Energies, Czech Republic

Our partner for energy generation is Nano Energies. They specialize in self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, electricity generation and electromobility. The company offers energy solutions for businesses and households that are generated by cutting-edge technologies and founded on the principles of sustainability.

Ribretto chocolate company, based in Prague, is our partner for the development of hemp-based food products and roasted hemp seeds for our Čokokon, Bonkon and Konopky products. Their mid-size production factory and customer-friendly services fit our needs perfectly.

HempTrade – Bulk/wholesale hemp trading platform.

HempTrade helps farmers and processors to connect with buyers in the rapidly growing hemp markets. An essential marketing and sales platform for producers, and buyers of raw bulk and finished hemp goods at wholesale.


Shah Hemp Inno-Ventures (SHIV ) of Nepal, based in Kathmandu, is empowering local hemp economies. SHIV has developed hempcrete methods to rebuild homes in Nepal after the devastating earthquake in 2014. They are educating the local community in hemp processing, hemp-based construction, and product development for textiles and foods. SHIV currently exports to several countries around the world with ambitions of creating a robust hemp community within Nepal.




Obelisk Farm