Hemp Flowers: Carmagnola


Carmagnola strain hemp flowers and top leaves of the plant is harvested by hand. It is dried up to 42°C and food grate. Sorted by machine. The flowers are possible to be used for extraction, for food compounds, tea or as “nobacco.”

CBD: 2.7141%
THC: 0.3000%

Price: 45 eur/kg raw, sorted hemp flowers and leaves


  • Unit size: 10 kilogram
  • Packaging: paper bag
  • Minimum order: 450 eur
  • Ships from: Czech Republic
  • Price does NOT include: shipping cost, packaging and any applicable taxes.

The Czech restriction of THC in hemp is 0,3%, EU = 0,2%. Please check the values of material you are about to order to make sure you are meeting your country legal restrictions. We are not responsible for any legal issues that might appear after dispatching the order. Neither of the possible fees towards our company. The responsibility of meeting legal restrictions of ordered material out of Czech Republic is responsibility of the customer. Of course, you can count on our full support in case it is needed. Thanks for your understanding.